Three things I am grateful for today:
My home(been cleaning it today:))
Church camp that is coming in  a few days(started packing today)
Good food( I am hungry)

Yesterday I made 12 breakfast burritos, 24 mini pizzas, 12 ham and cheese
 sandwiches, and two lasagnas for the freezer.
IMG_2229 IMG_2224 IMG_2228 IMG_2227 IMG_2226 IMG_2225

Took the kids to their summer reading club at the library today. 
We had a good time camping last weekend and enjoying having Daddy all to 
ourselves for a few days. He went back to work today.
IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2170 IMG_2174 IMG_2179 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2209 IMG_2213

Starting working on a new playset for the kids. Here is a couple pictures of the  
IMG_2230 IMG_2222 IMG_2223


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