Scatter Joy -Part 4 Merry Christmas 2016


JOY Happiness isn’t that what it is supposed to be about. Here are some ways you can share joy.

Everyone can use a little JOY along the journey!

No matter what season you find yourself in, you can be effective.

Right where you are! Joy is contagious, be a carrier!

1.The journey of Separation is difficult. Send a card to someone who had a loved one pass way in the last four to five months. Let them know you are thinking of them as they are on this new journey without their loved one. I t helps to know that someone remembered, as well as someone recognized their loss.

2. Others Matter of the Heart

Focus on others today! Do things for as many people as you can. I believe that if you take the time to plan this out you could make a difference for twenty to thirty people in one day. Try it and see how it goes. I mean, really, how horrible would it be to only make a difference for eighteen people instead of thirty?

3. Listing the little things

Start jotting down the million blessings that come your way, your favorite things and the little things that make your life big. Who knows, you may remind soemone of many little things in their life that are really huge.

4. Let them eat cake

Make a cake for no reason! Enjoy the sweet treat with your family. the good thing about baking is birthdays, anniversaries, and such are not required. cake is always a wonderful treat for anyone, any time of year.

5. Shhhh, No Telling

Pick someone and be their secret pal for  a week. You can choose someone close by or someone you don’t know well. Plan ahead, get the address and send someone something every day.Don’t sign it do it.

4. Let me count the ways

Tell hose that you love, you love them. Seriously. Go on, I’ll wait. you can never ever, ever, do this enough. We are not promised tomorrow. We are not  promised the next breath. This is one act of joy that you should not be stingy. Express your love and appreciate often.

All that being said and still thinking of the Christmas season. I have been reading a book- God is in  the small stuff . Today I read this section about contentment. If only people would take this to heart as there are some many discontent and unhappy people especially at Christmas.

Here are some things it said about contentment.

Contentment is good for the soul.

Like so many words , we’ve lost the meaning of contentment.Contentment is a peace of mind. Contentment is happiness. The person who is content has little or no stress.

Striving,consuming and accumulating will never bring happiness.

Don’t equate contentment with being lowly or meek. There is tremendous power in contentment, because when you are content with what you have, you are free. You are free from pretense, free from concern over having it all now.

Don’t aquire everything you want.

If you can’t get to sleep at night, check your pillow, if you can’t get to sleep two nights, check your mattress, if you can’t get to sleep three nights, check your conscience.

Enjoy happiness, treasure joy.

The best time to relax is when you are too busy.

What will you change this year to bring contentment.

Jesus is the ULTIMATE answer.

Merry Christmas!

Be content, Be joyful. Enjoy the season, family and make memories. Take time for the things that really matter.


The striving mother



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