How to Bloom 2016

Grrr…. Hi I had a Mother’s Day post and one from Alex’s birthday too all done and thought it was published and everything and I can’t find it so here are some pictures of the last month or so and an spring post as our natural flowers are getting ready to bloom.

Mother/Daughter Dessert social last week. A S’mores Bar and desserts. Yummy!!

Andrew turned 7 in April.

Alex turned 11 in March.

Picture of my spring decorations.


Quote- I count my blessings with the flowers never with the leaves that fall.

My family and I live in an apartment, so our “flower garden” consists of what we can grow in indoor pots. For a long time our plants would not flower despite watering and fertilizing. Then we discovered that the soil had to be raked and turned over if the plants were to bloom. Now our potted plants are a pure joy to look at  with their healthy leaves and blooming flowers.

Sometimes we need a little raking and turning in our own lives to make us bloom. Writing to the harassed believers in his day, Peter said, “Beloved do do think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some srtange thing happened to you; but rejoice” (I Peter 4:12-13).

Like the soil in our potted plants, these Christians were having their lives”turned over.” God’s purpose in doing that was to allow their faith to result in praise and glory to Him at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

God wants to looses the things that can choke our lives and that prevent us from radiating joy. To do this, He sometimes has to allow pain and trouble- trials that help stir  up the soil of our lives. If this is what you are experiencing today, rejoice. Surrender to His touch and acquire joy and fruitfulness you never imagines possible.-CP.Hia

Happy Spring



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