Knowing God’s will Happy New Year!! 2016


Happy New Year!!

As we think of the New Year! We are all thinking of the future and how we can do and be better. Thinking of this foremost we do need to find God’s will and walk in it. It is then we will truly only be happy.

My word for this year in setting goals is Intentional.


We shall give laughter a place in each of our days. (Bonnie Jensen)

Knowing God’s will (from our Daily Bread devotionals)

A young man facing the future and unsure of what next year would bring, concluded,”Nobody knows what God’s will is,” Is hew right? Does a lack of certainty about the future translate into not knowing God’s will?

The concept of knowing God’s will is often limited to discerning what specific situation we will be in  at some future time. Although seeking God’s specific leading is just part of it, another aspect that is just as vital is to follow the clearly defining elements of god’s will each and every day.

For instance, its is God’s will for us to be good citizens as a challenge to those opposed to Christ, to give thanks no matter what, to be sanctified sexually, avoiding immorality, to live under the Holy Spirit’s control, to sing to Him, and to submit to other believers.

As we submit to God in these and other areas, we are more likely to live in what Romans 12:2 calls God’s “good and acceptable and perfect will.” Living with God’s smile of approval leads to His guidance for the future.

As we seek to know God’s will for the future, we must also act on what we already know now.-Dave Branon

Here are some pictures of our Christmas. We had a lot of fun.

Trip to the Science museum!

Happy New Year and God Bless!!


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