The purpose of God’s Goodness

This is from Our Daily Bread devotional.

When I was growing up, we often sang a song in Sunday school that went like this: “God is so good to me! God is so good to me! He holds my hand He helps me stand! God is so good to me!”

I need to say right away that I believe God is good and He takes delight in doing good things for people. He does indeed hold our hand in times of trouble and helps us stand against the onslaught of life’s difficulties. But I wonder if you’ve ever asked yourself, Why is He good? It certainly is not because we deserve it or because He feels the need to buy our love and allegiance with His benefits.

The psalmist prays for God to bless him so that “(the Lord’s) way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations” (Ps.67:2). God’s blessings are proof positive that He is indeed a good God who cares for His own. But how will our world know this about God if we never praise Him for His goodness to us?

So the next time God blesses you, be sure to look for ways to appropriately give Him credit. Consuming His blessings without communicating His goodness shortchanges the very purpose of His gifts of graced  in our lives.

_Joe Stowell

I’ve had some bad days and I’ve had hills to climb
I’ve had some sad days and then a weary  mind
But when I look about and think these things all out
All of the good days outweigh the bad days
And I can’t complainCho.
God is so good to me
He is so good to me
More than all this world could be
He is so good to me
His spirit came to me
And gave me victory
God is so good to me I can’t complain2.
Sometimes the clouds hang low
And I’d like to see them go
Then I ask this question
Lord, tell me why so much pain?
But he knows what’s best for me
Although I cannot see
I just say thank-you Lord
I can’t complain

I thought of this song as I typed this post.

God is GOOD to ME!!!!

This week has been a whirlwind already and it’s only Tuesday. Yesterday I made meat pies. I haven’t had time or took time to take any pictures but when I was a kid it was a Christmas Eve tradition for my grandmother to make meat pies, LOTS of meat pies. Every Christmas Eve the whole family would be there and that is what we eat. It is pork and potato mixture in a double pie crust pie. YUM! She is 86 now and no longer is able to make them. My aunt has taken up the tradition now and we have it on New Year’s. I have also learned to make it and make some every year to have in the freezer top have over the holidays. So that is what I did yesterday. It is a fairly big job because you have to cut all your meat and cook it. Cut all your potatoes and cook them. Make all your crust and roll them fill your pies and freeze.

Today I was going to get my sewing machine out and sew a few things maybe some things for Alyson’s baby when my friend that has an online Etsy shop called. Her shop is called Taylor’s Tartans she makes scarfs, hats, suspenders bow ties ect.. It is very busy for her this time of the year. She got a big order last night and wanted to know if i could go help her today. i did. It was a lot of fun and planning on going again Wednesday as she ships her US orders on Wednesdays.

Thursday I am help in the kitchen at our church. E#very year for the last couple years our church has did the Christmas party for the neighboring wllness center. It is on Monday. We have to prepare the lasagnas’s tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to cook a turkey for the upcoming community supper that is on Sunday.

Thursday evening, my cousin and her husband pastor a  church in a neighboring town, they had their Christmas Banquet for their church. We are going to help serve the meal.

Saturday we did a craft show. It was so much fun. I will do another post about my experience with a lady at the table next to me.

We also went shopping for 10 kids on behalf of the fire department. The fire department donated 10 gifts to the food bank and and it goes in with needy families Christmas boxes that are delivered each year.

Today I helped some ladies do  a Christmas banquet for our local medical clinic staff. It went over really well.

Christmas is here just the cookie swap to do and then settle in for Christmas.

Snowing here today. May be  a snow day for the kids tomorrow?? I  need to clean my house ect.. to get ready for the cookie swap tomorrow and maybe sleep in:)

Happy Holidays!!


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