(Cheerfulness)is to know that God holds all things in His control and that He neither slumbers nor sleeps.-Hannah Whithall Smith


Well the holiday season is  here and things are getting busy already.

Been cleaning at the fire hall for my husband last  week. The village staff  is having their Christmas banquet there tonight.

I volunteered at the school  once a month. Wednesday , my soap order came so I made three batches of soap. Still getting ready for the craft sale.

Quizzing practice on Thursday afternoons.

Last weekend went with my husband as soon as school got out to a fire conference. The kids love to go because then they get in some pool time at the hotel:)

Here are some photos of my last few days.

Making soap.


This is the invitation I am using for my cookie swap on Dec.16. It is my fourth year or so that I have been doing it. We always have a lot of fun and just good fellowship.



On Monday I made to cakes and froze them. Every year our community hosts  a Christmas Dinner for the whole town. Our church provides the deserts for this event. It is on Dec.13. This year I made a candy cane peppermint (the batter is pictures here) and the other cake was a banana bundt cake. We mostly do bundt cakes because you can get 18 pcs out of each one. This event is happening the day after the craft sale. So I just have to take them out and put the frosting on them.

Tuesday, Ground beef was on sale. I made a batch of chili to have in the freezer. Hoping to have some of my family for chili,baked potatoes, salad and roll. Not sure if that will get to happen this weekend or not but at least the chili is ready. I also made a beef straganoff for the freezer and cooked the other package for loaded spaghetti casserole last night and the rest for beef noodle soup.


Red Velvet thumbprint cookies filled with white chocolate. They will probably be put in the craft sale.


Yesterday these sandwiches were made for  a meal after the funeral of a dear saint who went on  to her reward. Her funeral was yesterday.

This morning was pretty icy. I fell down our front steps on the way to take the kids to school. I little sore today:)

Christmas parade later this week. Will try to post pictures later.


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