A snowy day

We turn not older with years but newer every day.(Emily Dickinson)

Today snow finally came. I will share some pictures .

Also since the last post we took some family pictures.

We have been working on some crafts for a Christmas Bizaar on Dec.12.

I have also been making calls and trying to get organized for the Christmas parade here in our village on Dec.4.

Bible Quizzing parties were on the weekend. I am help coach a junior team this year.

Aaron is is senior quizzing. My husband is a judge for that division.

After Christmas, Bible class for the school children will start and be every other week. I am also helping teach a class there.

Today we woke up to about 2″ of snow or snow. It was so pretty. It is really our first snowfall for this year.

Still working on crafts today and spending time with my kids. Took them ice skating this afternoon. We try to go every Monday afternoon with the school kids for an hour.An order done and ready to go to a customer.


Stew is in the slow cooker. Parent teacher meeting tonight. Well I think that catches up up a little:)





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