Remembrance Day 2015

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Here are some pictures of my kiddos doing some Remembrance Day crafts. Lest we forget… Following are some of the tutorials I used.

Thumbprint Poppies

These Thumbprint Poppies are perfect for making a special card for Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day, whichever one you celebrate. The little kids will enjoy making them and the veteran’s will break out in a big smile when they see them.


Red Paint
Paper Plate


Protect your work surface with newspaper.

Print out as many copies of the background as you need.

Pour some red paint into the paper plate and dip in your thumb.

Using the picture as a reference place your thumb around the poppy centerto create the flower.

Write a special verse for your favorite veteran and bring on the smiles.

How to Make Coffee Filter Poppy

How to Make Coffee Filter Poppies by JDaniel4's Mom
Painting a Coffee Filter

They are so easy to make. The first thing you need to do is paint two coffee filters. We happened to have a red bingo marker. It was great for coloring the filter red. A few little bingo marker dots paint can go a long way. The filter absorbs the paint and spreads.

How to Make a Coffee Filter Poppy by JDaniel4's Mom

It took quite a while for our coffee filters to try. One of us used more than a little paint. If we had used less paint, they would have dried faster. I think they took about an hour to dry.

 Then they were completely dry, we  put the two filters together and then folded the filters in half. Then in half again or into four quarters.
Punching Holes

Then the coffee filter was opened up into a half.  use the hole punch to create two holes near the fold.

A pipe cleaner was then threaded up one of the holes in the filter and through a blue button. The pipe cleaner was threaded down through a second button hole and down through the second hole in the coffee filter. The ends of the pipe cleaner were then twisted around the to create a flower stem.

Mushing the Sides of the Flower Together

then mushed the sides of the flower together into a tight bud. When he let go of the closed bud, it  unfolded as a pretty bloom. The flower had pretty folds and a bell like base

We attended our local remembrance day service an annual tradition for our family. Thanks to all who served and who are currently serving.!!


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