Here are some quotes I have read recently that I wanted to share.

Rejoice in the LORD always: and again I say, Rejoice. Philipians 4:4

Happiness is inward and not outward; and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.

Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine. (Lord Byron)

We don’t laugh because we’re happy- we’re happy because we laugh.(William James)

Here is a blog post from the Intentional Mom that I did with Alyson today. Love her stuff it is always so good and practical and challenging.

New post on The Intentional Mom

How to Nurture a Heart For Learning in Your Child – Reasoning Skills

by Jennifer

how to nurture a heart for learning in your childPlaying the guessing game is a great way to build thinking and reasoning skills in your preschooler. You can ask whatever questions come to mind, the idea is to think of an object and give your child a few clues about that object to see if they can guess what it is.

Here are some examples.

  • What is big, round, and shines in the sky?   sun
  • What grows tall and is green on the top and brown on the bottom  tree
  • What has two wheels, pedals, and handlebars?  bike
  • What is soft and is a place to lay your head?  pillow
  • What do you walk in that is green and needs to be watered?  grass
  • What is blue, has chlorine, and is something you can you jump in if you feel hot?  pool
  • What thing that you eat melts and drips down your arm on a hot day?  ice cream cone
  • What is something that fits around a table that you can sit on?  chair
  • What is something you put on if you get a scrape on your knee?  band-aid
  • What is something that plays music called?  radio
  • What is something that you can beat and makes a sound?  drum
  • What do you call the special house where an eskimo lives?  igloo
  • What is yellow and is something that takes kids to school?  bus
  • What has scales and swims in the ocean?  fish
  • What is do you walk though to get in the house?  door
  • What do we use to cook food on the stove?  pot or pan
  • What do we use to cut paper?  scissors
  • What is something we use to keep our food cold?  refrigerator or freezer
  • What has four paws, is furry, and meows?  cat
  • What besides peanut butter do we use to make a peanut butter sandwich?  bread

Here are some pictures I took of our family this week.

IMG_1964 IMG_1983 IMG_1996 IMG_2012 IMG_2016 IMG_2020 IMG_2032 IMG_2042 IMG_2064 IMG_2091 IMG_2097 IMG_2102 IMG_2105 IMG_2116 IMG_2123 IMG_2136 IMG_2141 IMG_2147 IMG_2152 IMG_2156


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