2015 vacation

Well we are back got back on Sunday evening and what a whirlwind, unpacking Tim going back to work, Story tent summer reading club at the library ladies luncheon and got the guys ready to go on a real in the wilderness sleep in the woods fishing trip:)

We ended up going to New Hampshire white mountains with my cousin who is just like a sister to me and her husband and her four kids. we rented a house together for the week. It was so much fun and we made precious memories. Here are some pictures.


The first day was rainy so we visited  a Mt Washington weather observatory.

IMG_1733 IMG_1752

We went to visit Clark’s Trading Post where they train black American black bears.

They have some other entertainment there too.

IMG_1811 IMG_1830 IMG_1794 IMG_1868

IMG_1876IMG_1796 IMG_1804  IMG_1891 IMG_1887IMG_1896

We went to Storyland on the third day.

IMG_1906 IMG_1909 IMG_1912

The last day was the 4th of July we watched the parade then we played baseball their family against ours they won:(

IMG_1922 IMG_1926

Sorry for the picture overload but they say more than words sometimes. Here is a couple from this week. I went and picked a few local strawberries. I made only two batches of freezer jam as I already have some still from last year. Tomorrow I will be getting ready for the majority of the day for a church fundraiser.


One last picture of my garden I looked at it today and realized how important it is to plant the right seeds in our lives not only naturally but especially spiritually. What seeds are you planting? Go and be blessed!



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