I Allowed Myself to Be Robbed

A Homeschool Mom

I_Allowed_Myself_to_Be_RobbedIt had been a long day. The kids were in a particularly cranky mood, which put mom in a particularly fussy mood. The house needed a little cleaning, dinner still needed to get on the table, Pop wasn’t finished with work, and, to top it all off, we needed to leave for church in one short hour. Had I been in a better mood, had I been praying as I should have been, I might have chosen differently. Instead, I chose poorly, and allowed myself to be robbed.

Making the time to read, pray, and go to church doesn’t always come easily. In fact, it can be downright hard. There are many temptations to find more ‘useful’ purposes for our time. We could be cleaning, cooking, gardening, sleeping, or running errands. But, when we choose to put other things before Christ, we are allowing ourselves to be robbed.

True, there…

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