Give God Your Story

A Homeschool Mom

Give_God_Your_StoryIf anyone had asked me to share my testimony, the story of how I came to have a relationship with Christ, I would have told you it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t until recently, I fully understood just how important my story really is.

I was actually what most people would call a “good kid”. I never did drugs, never drank, didn’t smoke, didn’t ditch school on a regular basis (hey, I wasn’t perfect!), and I did what I knew would please my single mom, knowing she worked doubly hard to be our everything.

See what I mean? It doesn’t sound like much of a testimony does it? What could this ‘good’ little girl have to say that could be so important?

But, here’s the thing… The problem with being a ‘good’ girl is that it’s all too easy to think you actually are good. You tend to rely on your efforts…

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