Romantic Tips

1.Using dry erase markers, leave a note to your sweetie on the bathroom mirror.

2.Send your sweetie an email or text message.

3. The next time you have to be apart leave a note for the other to open each day.

4.Compliment your spouse in front of others- especially your kids. You may be the only one in their life who’s doing it!

5.Scour the Internet for the perfect romantic e-card.Send it when they lest expect it.

6.Tell your spouse you love them every morning and every night.

7.Hold hands whenever you are in public.

8.Make a stop on your way home from work and pick up that special treat they just love.

9.Surprise them with an unexpected gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive- just something to let them know you were thinking of them.

10.You probably already know, but find out your lover’s least favorite chore and do it for a month.

11.Wash their car. Be sure to vacuum it too.

12.Remain faithful to your spouse in your heart,in your mind, and in your actions.

13.Be a student of your spouse. Find out what they like and dislike, their strengths and weaknesses, and  her fears.

14.Plan a vacation together.

15.Look in their eyes and just listen.


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