God is faithful

Hi I am so sorry it has been a week since I posted:( I actually started this post on Sunday then I got interrupted and never got back at it then our monitor isn’t working on our desktop. So here we are.

God is faithful is the title of this post because we were supposed to put our summer tires on our van last week. My husband forgot about the appointment. He rescheduled for this week then he thought I should check and see if there is even any tires in the shed to put on. When he went out there wasn’t any he forgot that last fall the summer tires were worn out and he threw them out. We hadn’t budgeted for new tires they were going to be over 500.oo. The next  night was prayer meeting. I prayed and asked the LORD to help us with this need.

After prayer meeting he went out to his brother’s to help change the tires on his mom’s car. When they were done his brother went to put tires up overhead and said “Hey do you still want these tires off Dad’s van?” There were four tires they we could have!! God had answered prayer. He is faithful and cares about the little things and knows before we ever ask. He is our PROVIDER!!

Today I am cooking for a Mother’s day tea that is happening at our church tonight. I will post some pictures and recipes later.

I am also keeping my friend’s little girl today while she volunteers at the school today. She will keep my kids next week when I volunteer at the school. It works out well. thankful for good friends.

Have a blessed day.


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