You have gifts. Now, use them!

Stacy J. Edwards

I was watching a show the other day and one guy said to another, “Good on you.” Now, basically, it’s just the equivalent of “good job” or “congratulations,” but it just has a little something more to it. I’ve decided that I’m going to start using it more in my encounters with other women and moms.

For instance…

You monogrammed your child’s diaper bag, onesies, diaper covers and sippy cup sleeves? Well, good on you.

You just ran ten miles while pushing the toddler in a jogging stroller, nursing the baby and eating homemade granola? Well, good on you. 

breakfast dishes

Women have, somehow, bought into the lie that “good on you” has to mean “bad on me.” The enemy has distorted our view of things until we are unable to acknowledge the gifts in another woman without feeling envious of her or disgusted with ourselves. The reality is that you…

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