Mommy Monday ~ The easiest way to teach your kids to be givers

Money was something we didn’t have much of growing up. To be honest, I didn’t really realize it at the time. My parents didn’t complain. They didn’t say we couldn’t afford things. They just learned to be content with what they had, and life was what I thought life was supposed to be like. It wasn’t really until I went to private high school that I realized people had much more money than I did. Showing up to soccer practice every day and seeing the girls with a pair of Umbro shorts in every color, the most expensive cleats and name brand shirts brought me to reality. The girls in my class shopped at GAP and American Eagle and I shopped at the bags of hand-me-down clothes we had given to us by a guy from our church. The girls in my class went skiing every weekend in the winter and…

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