Mommy Monday ~ 5 things every parent needs to remember

1 . Your kids are not your own. They were given to you as a gift from God and it is a privilege to have every second you have with them. Don’t raise them begrudgingly. Don’t complain about your time with them. Don’t be constantly waiting for their current stage to be over so you can get to the next one. Enjoy every minute of this stage.

2. Your kids don’t take your mistakes as hard as you do. For real. So many times you are beating yourself up over something that they don’t even remember you doing.  If you just lost it and yelled at your 3-year-old? Chances are they are not going to remember it by the time they are 10. Apologize when you need to, and always keep communication open. Then – give yourself a little bit of a break!

3. Your kids need need you to…

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