Scatter JOY (Part 2)

Scatter JOY

1.Next- Offer for someone to go ahead of you in the store or food line.

2.Monday,Monday Can’t trust the Day- Break up the Monday blues by baking a batch of brownies and sending them with your husband to work. Can you imagine the surprise as well as the delight of the co-workers?

3.Dinner for two please but don’t tell!

4.Purchase dinner for an elderly couple. You’ve seen them at the restaurant. They are so cute, walking hand in hand or sitting quietly while their hearts speak volumes for each other. These couples have done so much to inspire many of us. Why not do a little something for them? Call their server over to you and ask for their bill.

5.sdrawkcaB is Fun- Have “Backwards night” with your family. Seriously put on jammies, play Sorry backwards by starting in “Home” and working backwards to “Start”. Have snacks, then dessert and then dinner. Wear jammies backwards. Sit back  and enjoy the mile-wide smiles and let your heart soak up the laughter.

6. Big Grins- Smile at everyone and say hello. You never know what  a day has held for someone, and the kindness of a smile and hello may be all it  takes to put their heart and mind in a much better place. Try it for one entire day.

7. “Just Because” is the Best- Leave your spouse a note “just because”. Leave the note saying you love them.

8. Trust your instincts- Go with your instinct. You’ve got that sixth sense for a reason, use it. If you fell someone is struggling with something, say so and encourage them. The very worst thing that could happen is that you’ll show that person how much you care about them.

9. Forward encouragement Email- If you have something automatically coming to your email or stumble across one, take the time to email it and share it with someone you think may appreciate it.

10. Sincerely yours- Give sincere compliments today! Point out  the nice smile,great hair day, and nice new purse. Compliment the perfume ect..

11. The Royal Treatment- Get your princess or prince out of school early for his/her birthday. Celebrate it by going for ice cream or something you normally wouldn’t do. The two of you together will be a wonderful gift of time, laughter and pure joy.Make them feel as important as they really are.


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