Scatter JOY

These are some tips for blessing others I read recently.

Poetry: It lasts a lifetime.

Bake and donate to a shelter or church group

Cheesecake-Wrap a couple slices of cheesecake for a special couple. Put a little note or card on it wishing them a wonderful evening.

Treasures of friendship- Get to know someone you don’t know really well. Lifetime friendships are treasures you can lock inside your heart for an eternity and beyond. Try it! Have fun! Step out of your comfort zone and say hello.

Thoughts of you- Send several emails to say “thinking of you” Add in a cute little picture and you’ve sent many smiles.

Passing the Kleenex-sniffles got someone you know down? Put together a neat gift that includes some good ol’  comfort for them. In a pretty basket or new pot, assemble some delicious soup,box of Kleenex,puzzle book,warm fuzzy socks, a CD and a magazine or two. Top it with a cute bow or stuffed animal and they will be feeling better in no time.

Handmade Cards or journals-Are you crafty?


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