Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!

Glad I serve a risen Savior!! Enjoy this weekend (even if it is snowing here:)

“He Is Risen”

It was on a Sunday morning;
all the world had been in mourning.
Jesus Christ had suffered bled and died alone.
When his friends had gone to seek Him,
in the tomb they tried to keep Him,
but the stone was rolled away,
the Lord was gone.

Yes, He’s risen here today.
He’s no longer where He lay.
He is risen for I feel Him in my soul.
When His life on earth had ended
on to glory He ascended.
He is risen for I feel Him in my soul.

Those who came were struck with terror
feeling there had been some error;
and they marveled at the angel as he said,
“If it’s Jesus you are seeking,
He is gone for none could keep Him.
Come behold the place
and see where He was laid.”

On a lonely road was walking,
two disciples gently talking,
when a stranger overtook them on their way.
It was Jesus who had risen
that their sins might be forgiven,
and their hearts did burn within them on their way.

Happy Easter

Quote: Time is a very precious gift of God; so precious that it is only given to us moment by moment.

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