Ice Tea

Been making homemade ice tea. I make it from this recipe I got from a friend. My kids and husband love it!!
  I made two batches yesterday!
The iced tea is:
Bring 4 C. water just to a boil. Add 10 tea bags and steep for 10 min. (I use the King Cole tea bags and the box says 2 cup bags. I tried it with 10 of the PC brand and also with 10 of the Lipton and both were very weak. If you don’t mind that than just use whatever or less of the King Cole)
In a gallon jug add 1 C. lemon juice or combination of whatever citrus you like and sugar. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 -2 cups. Pour in the hot tea and stir to dissolve sugar, than fill pitcher to 1 gallon.

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