Housekeeping tips

Happy Snow Day

It is another snow day here.

Was on my computer today and came across some tips I have been accumulating through the years and thought I would share them.

1. Crisp lettuce- Add a few pieces of paper towel to the bag with your lettuce to absorb
moisture and keep it crisp longer.

2. Wax on your carpet- Place a piece of paper towel over it, then press the area with a warm
iron until the wax is melted and absorbed by the towel.

3. Never pop another button- Dab the center of each shirt button with clear nail polish.
polish will harden to keep threads in place so buttons won’t budge.

4. Bring dries out markers back to life- When your kids’ markers start drying out, dip the tips
in white venegar for five seconds. Vinegar soaks right through the nibs to bring out every
last bit of color.

5. Instant zit zapper- When a pimple rears its ugly head, don’t let it drag you down. Combine
a pea size amount of honey with 1 drop of orange juice and apply to the area. Let sit for five
minutes then rinse with cool water. The citric acid in the juice strips excess oil, while the
honey heals.

6. Keep tall boots in tip top shape- When winter is over slip empty one litre pop bottles into
the calves of the boots then zip them up before putting them in the closet. The bottles keep
the boots from flopping over so they’ll be in perfect condition next season.

7. Craft your own mailboxes- My kids and I crafted mailboxes- envelopes we decorated and posted
outside our bedroom doors. They love receiving mail telling them how special they are and
so do I.

8. To clean your sink- Once a month pour a cup of baking soda down your kitchen sink followed
by a cup of white vinegar. The two ingredients will bubble and foam loosening gunk and odors,
then pour a pot of boiling water down the drain to flush them away.

9. Uses for club soda- Fix a door- pour club soda over a hinge that is rusted and won’t mobve
the bubbles will work to flake off the rust and make it move again.

10. Bring outdoor fin inside- Picnic plans got ruined by the rain? Bring them inside! Gather
the family, spread a blanket in your living room- and don’t forget the picnic basket.

11. Kid friendly spagetti- Spagetti too long for little ones to handle? Slice cooked strands
with pizza cutter before tossing them with sauce for bite size pieces in a snap.

12. Delectable crisp crust pies- prebake crusts by topping crust with foil then fill with
dried beans and bake 10 min @ 350 carefully remove beans bake the crust five more min.
let cool the weight prevents bubbles from forming.

13. No more lost buttons- When a new garment comes with an extra button sew it to the inside
of the clothing so you’ll know exactly where it is if you need it.

14. Send youthful cards- when card shopping for an older adult, sometimes get a children’s
card. Opening the colorful cards brightens anyone’s birthday celebration!

15.Stop a cd from skipping- Wipe the cd from the center out rinse the cd under running
lukewarm water to remove any dust or dirt. Dry with lint free cloth wiping from center to
outer edge. If still skips repeat steps three times adding a drop of dishwashing liquid
preferably without coloring.

16. Cut through tough stains with toothpaste or shaving cream

17. Power out perspiration with baby shampoo

18. Soak away bloodsatins with table salt 3Tb of saly in 2 qrts of cold water

19. Buff way shoe scuffs with furniture polish spray then rub with soft cloth

20.Degrease dishes effortlessly sprinle pots and pans with table salt let sit five minutes

21. Spray bugs with hairspray

22. Baked bacon Bake @ 400 for about 20 min you don’t have to turn them.

22. Clear the air Simmer a sliced lemon in a small pot of water to fill your house with

23. Make it a mocha Substitute cold coffee for water in a chocolate cake mix to make a
luscious mocha cake

24. No more kid clutter Install a shelf around the perimeter of your child’s room 12- 18″
under the ceiling for toys stuffed animals and books

25. Prettier hands Work in a thick layer of lotion before slipping on a pair of rubber gloves
the next time you do housework the heat
generated by the gloves will leave your hands soft and smooth.

26.Once a month run the washing machine without laundry adding about 1 cup of white vinegar
to the water.

27. Remove mold from grout by wiping at down with white vinegar.

28. Wipe down counters with white vinegar

29. Rinse jars with vinegar to rid odor.

30. Rinse hair with 1/2 c vinegar with 1 cup of cool water

31. Water water Everywhere To get rid of water spots on faucets and other stainless steel
fixtures grab a used fabric softner sheet and rub off the water spots Your fixtures will sparkle.

32. MIni Blinds To clean Venetian blinds dilute all purpose cleaner in a bathtub of water.
Lay the blinds in the tub leave for a few minutes and then rinse clean.

33. Streak free MirrorsInstead of usinf paper towels or cotton rags use a coffee
filter to wipe off the glass cleaner
your mirrors will have a lint free shine.

34. Homemade air freshner Mix 1 tsp baking soda 1 tB Lemon Juice and two cups of water in
a bowl. After the fizz ahs settled stir well and
pour mix into spray bottle Spritz your home odor free.

35. Quick silver Clean silver by running 1 Litre of hot water into the sink dissolve 1 Tb
of fabric softner and 1 tb salt in the water Place a sheet of tin foil in the bottom of
the sink and place your tarnished silver on the foil.

Make sure the silver is completely immersed. Silver will come clean in 10 seconds.

36. Freeze Balls of cookie dough on a baking sheet, than place them in a freezer bag
to keep on hand for instant cookies when you want them. Bake them straight from the freezer
adding 2-3 min to the cooking time

37. substitute eggnog fot the milk in coffee cake, muffins, waffles, or pancake recipes
for added rich, spicy flavor

Holiday Sweet Tips

To perk up cupcakes for the holidays, bake them in paper liners with festive patterns and colors,
then serve them on a party dessert tray.
Here’s a quick way to decorate a chocolate cake without making frosting: Place a paper doily
the top of the cake and dust with confectioners’ sugar. Carefully remove the doily…
you’ll have a beautiful decorative pattern on top.
For a very quick garnish for chocolate desserts, try grating a chocolate candy bar over
the top of whipped cream. It’s pretty and very tasty, too.
Each year, I make a big batch of homemade caramel corn to give away as gifts. I wrap the
sweet treats in colorful Christmas tins or fancy holiday gift bags, then tie with curled ribbons.

Here’s a hint for polishing your silver (but not for silver-plated objects).
Just put white toothpaste (not any gels) on a dry, soft cloth and rub on your silver.
You will be amazed at the tarnish that rubs right off. Wash in warm water to remove the excess toothpaste
and dry well. That’s it! Simple and cheap!


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