To train up a Mom

Prioritizing Your Priorities

by Kimberly Ann

titus-series(Photo copyright From Her Earnings 2015)

O wow!!! January and February have flown by! We’ve had quite few colds and stomach bugs, frozen pipes, and scheduling issues this month but I’m still here! I’m so ready for spring and the newness it brings!

I’m also ready for the boys to play outside again! As I’m typing all of the coats from the coat closet have been pulled out and they are jumping in them like it’s a leaf pile. O joy!

With all of the mayhem circling around me, one thing I’ve really been focusing on is my priorities. What are they? Then I try to define them. What does that look like in MY life? That last question is really the clincher.

I think it’s safe to say that as mothers, wives, Christians, women etc. Most of us can easily have priority lists that look like this:

  • Relationships- Husband, children, family, and friends
  • Household- cleaning, finances
  • Spiritual-devotions, ministry opportunities
  • Other- outside jobs, volunteer work, homechooling, whatever your “other” focuses are

When we look at this list, we see that it basically sums up the life of a mother. Yet, when asked to define these rolls in our lives for each of this it would look very different. The working mom for instance may have budgets and deadlines to meat or she may work behind a register and have angry customer issues. Stay-at-home mom’s are not cookie cutter copies either. Depending on our incomes, the number of children we have, and even the neighborhoods we live in the activities in our day can vary from car pools to one car homes and struggling to fit grocery shopping around our spouse’s schedule. (The last is a question in our house this week.)

When you are going over your priorities are you acknowledging that you may do things differently than other moms? Are you giving yourself room to be you?

One thing I’m learning if that in God’s amazing love and wisdom He chose ME for my family. When I find myself doubting and running around crazy, it’s not because I’m not capable. It’s because my priorities are in the wrong place.

I’m going to feel tired and stressed if I’m trying to keep an immaculate home to prove that SAHMs  aren’t lazy. (I am really guilty of this one!)  I’m going to miss out on the amazing truths of God’s word if I just brush through my devotions as an item on my check list.  I’m going to yell at my kids and become frustrated with them if the only reason I want them to behave is so others will see my success as a mother.

I challenge you today to think over your priorities for your life and your family. Are you working for the glory of God or are you just hoping people won’t judge you?

Let’s show our children how to live lives that are glorifying to God even behind closed doors.

Read this on a blog recently. Oh how God has dealing me with this and encouraging me to share this with my children too!! I don’t just want to look God on the outside I want the inside (my Heart and spirit) to be right more than anything. What has God been dealing with you about? God bless!



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